Maxsun was first set up in 2010 after solar energy solutions grabbed our founder’s entrepreneurial attention but first focused on small scale off grid PV systems.
Maxsun PJSCo. is a leading independent Iranian solar IPP, currently owning a 3.5 MW solar power plant in Dehshir, Yazd under its subsidiary name of Maxsun Dehshir. In addition the company has developed further solar farms of 7 and 10 MWs in Dehshir (Yazd) and Sorkheh (Semnan).
The company now have offices in London, Berlin and Tehran.
Maxsun and its exclusive European partners are looking to expand their business in the Middle East and GCC countries.
Maxsun is strongly focused on serving the needs of international markets and is active in carrying out major power plant projects throughout the world, with strong emphasis on highly-efficient power plant construction.
Maxsun and its exclusive European partners are looking to expand their business in the Middle East and GCC countries.

Our team

Hossein Najar

• +15 years experience in design, manufacturing and renewable energy industry in MENA region
• Developed a pipeline of solar PV projects at 7, 10, and 30 MW capacity
• Identified lands, researched grid availability, obtained the required permits, and successfully signed PPAs.
• Served as a project manager, managing the entire EPC lifecycle of utility-scale solar PV projects
• Graduated with a Master's degree in International Business Management from Brunel University London.

Ali Dehghani

• +17 years experience in designing, installation, testing and commissioning electric panels, feeders, structures, equipment, electric power transformers, Earthing systems, monitoring systems, RTUs, electrical protections and control.
• Has been project manager of many projects from extending & optimizing 400-230 kV substations to wiring, testing and commissioning of +35 MW solar power plants in Yazd, Zahedan and Kerman.
• Studied Electrical Engineering at University of Yazd.

Narges Ahmadzadeh

Solar Systems & Energy Analyst Expert
• +4 years experience in simulation & feasibility study of solar projects.
• Proficient in PVSYST software and providing proper reports for decision makers within organizations and projects.
• Has comprehensive information regarding best solar supplier in the industry.
• Knowledgeable in operation and maintenance of utility scale power plants by creating exclusive online dashboard for plants to collect real time data.
• Project manager assistant in Maxsun Energy.
• Graduated from Amirkabir University of Technology in BSc. of Energy Engineering.

Ehsan Shariati

IT & Telecommunication Expert
• +5 years experience in software Development specializing in web and front-end development
• Proficient in creating stable network in solar plants and make the plants live to get monitored and remoted control.
• Data Science and AI Developer (Deep Learning, Computer Vision, and Machine Learning)
• Graduated from Amirkabir University of Technology in BSc. of Computer Engineering.

Vahid Nojaba

• +18 years experience in Accounting, Financial Management and Financial Consultancy in different industries.
• Proficient in all kind of Tax and SSO rules and regulations.
• Competent in optimization of current structures as well as creating new financial structures.
• Has been providing financial projections, P&L statements and all required financial reports for several projects in industry.
• Graduated with a Master's degree in Accounting from University of Tehran.

Rohollah Jafari

Head of Mechanical Installation Team
• +7 years experience in manufacturing and installation of solar projects.
• Installed several solar projects including utility scale, roof mounted, residential and industrial as an installation supervisor.
• Proficient in calculating of solar structure as well as calculation of building structure for roof mounted projects.
• Graduated with a Master's degree in Civil Engineering from IAU.