According to SATBA's public relations, the continuing private sector partnership for the construction of renewable energy power plants in the country, the 3.5 MW power plant in Dehshir-Yazd has been implemented by joint investment between the local private sector and a German investor after three 10 MW solar power plants namely Noor (in Ashkzar), Pejvak (in Ardakan), and Ghadir (in Mehriz) in Yazd province. One of the fundamental and essential solutions adapting to climate changes, especially in the provinces that are affected by drought and dehydration challenges is the construction of renewable power plants like the solar system, which in addition to preventing the use of fossil fuels and the emission of air pollutants, does not require water consumption in electricity generation. The report adds, in addition to the construction of megawatt power plants in Yazd Province, 199 solar roof-tops have been constructed in the houses by subscribers. In this regard, Yazd province has made significant progress in comparison with other provinces in Iran. The report adds in the construction of this power plant, the maximum technical capacity and domestic equipment have been used. It created jobs for 60 and 10 indigenous people during the construction and operation periods, respectively.

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