With our high technology, Maxsun provides a professional and long-term monitoring of the solar projects with a strong focus on highest energy output. Our O&M team remotely controls the system via service center with a daily exchange to the local operations and maintenance team on site.
Building on its technical and organizational expertise and the significant operational experience acquired on tits group, Maxsun offers a complete range of Operations & Maintenance (O&M) services to power plant owners. Maxsun has experience in setting up full scope O&M organizations to ensure safe and efficient operations, and effective management of both planned and unplanned maintenance activities. As the overall EPC / O&M contractor for major power plant investments, Maxsun provides a seamless hand-over from construction to operations.
Maxsun’s significant experience in the field of power plant O&M is O&M services as part of an overall lifetime solution to selected international clients